In Focus: Responding to Floods in Georgia

After severe floods struck the Tianeti region of Georgia, many farmers lost their crops and animal feed — and along with it, their livelihoods. In response to the disaster, the USAID New Economic Opportunities Initiative (NEO) provided multi-mineral feed blocks to the farmer pictured above and others to sustain their livestock throughout the winter.

To encourage long-term growth in rural Georgian communities, NEO encouraged governments, businesses, and individuals to create community-level economic opportunities. Through grants and other tools, the initiative promoted community-level economic development planning and rural economic development and provided key support for vulnerable households and individuals.

Over a five-year period, NEO created 5,578 jobs for agricultural producers and vulnerable individuals, increased the incomes of 1,360 vulnerable households by an average of 265 percent, trained 38,447 farmers, and established or expanded 6,538 micro-enterprises.

In Focus is an occasional series highlighting photos from Chemonics' work around the world.

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